5 Best Online Grammar checker tools Free & Paid

Grammar can be defined as a set of rules and regulations which should be followed while having contact with a language either written or spoken.

Why do we need to write accurate?

Accuracy to any particular language is very essential, because a language is the basic tool for communication. The more accurate it is, the more impressive it would be. For instance English is the most important in all other languages because most of the online businesses are being run on internet using the English language. If the language is error free and friendly, it will have more acceptances on different platforms and as a result you will have more benefits from your business.

How to write flawless?

This has always been an issue because no one can write perfectly; even master in a specific area makes mistakes. Especially in contact to English, because in English we don’t have to focus on a single factor which means that in English there could be issues of spellings, grammatical mistakes, use of correct punctuation and sometimes similar two or more than two words. By keeping all these issues in mind software companies and all the experts are trying to minimize these problems by developing certain soft wares and tools which can certainly help in either avoiding all the mistakes or at least in minimizing them.

There are numbers of online softwares developed through which one can reduce their mistakes and can have better writing skills. So let’s discuss these softwares in detail on by one.



1:- Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most recognized online grammar checker’s softwares. It is an online platform that can be used free of cost and by anyone who has problems related to Grammar, spelling and other confusion in English.

Grammarly is a tool which is tried and tested by a lot of people including students, businessmen and other professionals. Students need it more than anyone else because students have more links with English; sometimes they study it for competitive exams and sometimes for creative writing like institutional applications etc. Furthermore this has also been as a weapon for those who are professionals in different areas like engineering, newspaper editing and academia. This app or software provides noticeable accuracy and attractiveness which directly leads to the acceptability of your writing and whatever you present.

What does Grammarly offer?

Grammarly is not only a spell or grammar checker but can provide facilities beyond one may imagine. Let’s proceed towards all those handy and useful factors which the Grammarly offers.

  • Advancement of writing mode

When someone writes, Grammarly meanwhile goes through the whole stuffs and settled all the big or even tiny mistakes. Grammarly dive into the detailed and fixes the reiterated words and use of correct punctuation on exact time.

  • Grammarly Edu

This has mainly developed for educational objectives. Grammarly arranges an online writing helper and plagiarism checker to enhance the grammar and others elements that are necessary for attractive writing of students as well as teachers.

  • Platform Friendly

Platform is where something happens or runs, here platform friendly means that one may copy from anywhere he/she wants and then paste into the editor the software will check and highlight your committed mistakes and will give you suggestion of new words if can be replaced. You can also find free browser extension for Google chrome, Firefox and safari etc.



How does Grammarly work?

Human beings always think about how something happen, and what are the secrets behind the process of something? The same way if we concern the Grammarly one may get curious about how does it check grammar, spelling and punctuation errors etc.?

Grammarly works through an advance system which gathered some specific strategies and artificial intelligence based techniques in order to correct all the mistakes and to make your writing readable. Artificial intelligence systems are to adopt the way of human beings, how AI works is almost similar to how human work.  Grammarly AI systems has been provided with a gigantic and with a standard training data to teach the algorithm of how a proper and accurate grammar should look like, then by following that training and configured rules the Grammarly works accordingly and fix all the related problems.

How to create account on Grammarly?

Now as everything has been mentioned above one may ask how to create account on this platform?

Creating an account is as easy as eating a cake! Just visit the site https://www.grammarly.com/edu/signup . After accessing this, you will have a form which requires you to fill it by providing your name, email and password.

2:- Ginger

Ginger is another widely used and familiar online grammar, spell and punctuation checker, which does not only detect errors but also correct it. It helps you and everyone who works on different projects using English by increasing your level of effectiveness, productive efforts and also enhances your knowledge.

You don’t have to do something hard, it only needs to install it on your personal device whether it is desktop or smart phone and can directly start your work. Like many other tool this software will allow you to examine your writing and all the changes made during your writing by the software. This software is supportable on multiple platforms i.e. windows, Mac, iOS and android keyboard.

What does Ginger offer?

The two basic and essential features are discussed below.

  • Rephraser: rephrase means using an alternative way of writing the same given items. This simply helps you increase your level of vocabulary and synonyms. The only disadvantage of this feature is that it consumes time a lot by checking every sing sentence.
  • Text to pronounce: If there is weakness of pronunciation in someone, the ginger provides a feature which pronounces you difficult words. This also permit you to select you choice of accent like US or UK, but unluckily this feature is not free of cost you have to pay for it.


  • Grammarly vs Ginger

To concern both the tools one may get keen about which software to use for a specific task and which one of them is better?

In order to decide which software is best a user has to take a look at his/her requirements and to think that which software is best fitted for those requirements. Each of them has its own set of rules and features.

However the list of features of Grammarly is far broader than that of Ginger which means that using Grammarly could offer you more facilities than using Ginger. According to a research efficiency and effectiveness of Ginger is 88% and the Grammarly has got 96% of acceptance.

3:- Grammar lookup

Grammar lookup is another accessible website which also helps you detect and correct your grammar and spelling mistakes. This tool uses artificial intelligence to accomplish the tasks and provide the desired results.

How to use it?                         

The use of this site or software is not difficult; you only need basic browsing techniques to deal with it. Once you access it on your device you will have a platform containing a space where you could either write or paste items. Once you type or paste data there and press the given lookup button you will see your made mistakes, and will have an option to fix them.

4:- WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is also available online for the services of grammar checking and all related stuffs to the English. This technology has been the focused of the people around the world due to its mesmerising features and capabilities. WhiteSmoke is believed to be a platform which covers all the mistakes and gives correction which any other software fails to do. Some of its features are given below.

  • Advance writing style
  • Full translator or interpreter for over 50 languages.
  • Availability of plagiarism checker
  • Applicable on window and all browsers.

5:- Slick write

Slick write is another online grammar checker system in the list of grammar checker’s softwares. Like the others tools it also give you a hand if you are making grammar and other mistakes like style of the text etc. The unique thing in the software is that it presents you percentage of your writing’s mistake and tries to fix it.

Feature of Slick write

The features of Slick write software are key statistics, long sentences, average word length, word count etc.



To sum of let me take you towards the aimed topic again which was online grammar’s checker softwares, the whole matter is about dealing with English and to face its frequent challenges. To face those challenges positively and without harms the developers have implemented different softwares and tools in order to reduce the mistakes as much as possible, and discussed some of those tools one by one. Now it is up to you and your requirements to decide which software is to be used. If you have still any kind of confusion, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments.

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